MPS: Master Production Scheduling

Master Scheduling and Critical Resources Management


  • MPS is an important element in the Supply Chain management. It allows you to drive the production planning while focusing on the Critical products and on the so called “critical” production resources.

    Finished goods and/or semi-finished goods scheduling (following decoupling point) is a difficult task because it is often subject to numerous constraints such as the component availability, stockout or anticipated production overloads, etc…

    DOWAP created the MPS preconfigured based on the SAP-APO-SNP module. This solution covers the two sides of the MPS concern: the first one is the planning itself, called MPS, and the second one is the critical resources management called RCCP (Rough Cut Capacity Planning).

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Our preconfigured MPS solution fully respects the APICS concepts, ensuring consistency between solutions and processes, while maintaining a flexible, simple and ergonomic interface.


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    MPS: Critical products planning

    Based on the sales forecasts done in APO-DP, the master planning is calculated with APO-SNP using the calculation called “Heuristic”…

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    Rough Cut Capacity Planning

    As the master planning, the RCCP is done in APO -SNP. At first, the critical resources are initially loaded at infinite capacity.

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    Management by exception

    Every time the planning data or the management parameters change, alerts show the exceptions in real-time. For example: shortages, non-moving items, past deadlines, overloads…

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