Audit & Consulting

Our business, functional and technical expertise at your disposal !

  • DOWAP is a Supply Chain consulting firm, specialized in  planning.

    We  support any company for which Supply Chain is  one of their main concerns as the alignment of business processes and information systems has become a major  economical lever. We operate on missions aiming at optimizing the business processes. Those missions can last from a couple of days til a couple of months but having always in mind one unique objective : to help you better drive your Supply Chain !

  • How can we help your organization ?

    • Business process audit and recommendations
    • Consulting in project mode
    • Change management
    • Support for the implementation of performance measurement tools
    • Operational excellence


  • Supply Chain Assessment

    Thanks to our 18 years of experience in the Supply Chain area, we are often led to carry out some audits related to business processes and/or IS. During these missions, we make an in-depth analysis of the situation. We challenge the business practices versus the “Best Practices” of APICS and we check the quality of the processes put in place in your company. We imagine with you the opportunities to improve your Supply Chain, during interactive sessions and we give you at the end a detailed report. In some cases, we design with you additional elements to your solution and we assist you in their implementation.

  • Requirements

Our audits are performed by consultants who are skilled and certified CPIM from APICS. Thanks to their operational and pragmatic view, they will deliver you the industrial and IS master plan including our recommendations about organization and solutions.

  • Our services related to audit are focused on :

    • S&OP : Sales & Operations Planning 
    • DP : Demand Planning
    • DRP : Distribution Requirement Planning
    • MPS : Master Production Scheduling
    • « DDMRP » : Demand Driven MRP
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  • consulting

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  • An expert by your side !

    We operate on missions as a Supply Chain expert, focusing mainly on the planning area.  We assist you in your process improvements and in the respect of the Best Practices of APICS  and of the market, with a view to set them up over the long term within your enterprise.

    Our services related to consulting are focused on :

    • Planning optimization
    • The establishment of the planning processes
    • Help in expressing needs and in the selection of the ISIT solution
    • The identification of the evolutions about the planning functions linked to the demand management, to the production, to the detailed scheduling
    • ……

    Our job is to support you to reach the objectives defined by yourselves, while bringing our competencies which will enable you to be independent quickly.

Our added value relies on our expertise not only of the processes but also of the solutions dedicated to Supply Chain, especially to planning.  As a matter of fact, our staff is recruited based on criteria linked to the Supply Chain and the related  IT systems. Thus, by choosing DOWAP, it is the insurance to have the partner combining both business process and IS solutions.