IS Implementation

DOWAP bring you their business and technical expertise in order to find THE solution matching your needs

The solutions implemented by DOWAP are:

Our steps for an IS solution implementation are as follows:




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    The aim of the requirements assessment is to define the scope of the project. This is  an essential step for the success of the future project.




    This is the DOWAP core competency. It ensures the lastingness of your SAP solution.

  • design



  • test


    The objective of this final step is to make the final adjustments and to hand over the keys for the utilization of the solution.



Roll out into your live system


    The roll out is the gateway from the test system to the live one. It is the achievement of the project.

  • implementation


Continuous improvement

  • improvement


    The driver of this service is long-term application sustainability. Therefore, focus is made on continuous improvement of the current application to ensure its relevance and that it does not fade with time.