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DOWAP helps companies to move forward on SAP IBP solution. We have knowledge, tools, methodology and experiences to ensure you the success of your SAP IBP project.

  • SAP Integrated Business Planning?

    Increasingly connected the world is changing.  In the “new normal” marketplace, the power is in the hands of the end customers who demand more and more products and services delivered with a higher sense of urgency. This environment creates new business realities which have a lot of impact in the Supply Chain:

    • The volatility on the market
    • Innovated Technologies & product individualization
    • Logistic complexity with new logistic models

    To meet these challenges, the Solution is  SAP Integrated Business Planning

SAP IBP Components

These applications were developed to deliver analysis and alerting of real-time information across the end-to-end supply and demand network, with the speed of the SAP HANA® platform and fast adoption through the SAP Cloud. They also offer new optimization algorithms and supply chain monitoring capabilities.

Furthermore, as the supply chain is the result of a joint work between several services (Financial, Sales, Supply, Production, etc.), the collaboration is crucial. SAP JAM is the social media that has been packaged with SAP IBP. Users can send and receive tasks, chat, video, agenda etc. from the SAP IBP components themselves. This social collaboration platform at the core of the solution links together people, solution and supply chain process. Lean more about SAP Jam.

DOWAP’s value proposition for SAP IBP

DOWAP’s value proposition for SAP IBP


  • POC (Proof Of Concept)

    DOWAP guides you on SAP Integrated business planning. SAP implementation is a big investment and impacts many departments. The best and easiest way to demonstrate how IBP matches with your business requirements is to do a POC (Proof Of Concept).

    DOWAP helps companies to discover and appraises IBP through a POC (Proof Of Concept). A POC gives a clear understanding of the new Supply chain planning system from SAP. Furthermore, it helps you to define your future IS/IT roadmap. A POC allows to reduce the solution design phase, in case you adopt SAP IBP for your S&OP, Demand, Inventory or Supply planning.

    For POC, DOWAP gives an access to its SAP IBP system, provides IBP training, designs your business rules and assists you to develop IBP skills.

  • Implementation & Rollout

    The IBP implementation is our core business. Since 2013, our team has been setting up IBP for various customers, all over Europe. Our services are based on an efficient methodology and a solid understanding of the supply chain business activities. We are able to support our clients from the understanding requirements to the delivery of their solution, this “from scratch” or in “Rollout template”

    Expert in the Supply Chain area and information system around SAP SCM (Supply Chain Management), DOWAP has built their reputation in the consulting and the implementation of SAP APO.

  • SAP IBP Training

    We operate as official trainer for SAP Education to ensure the full SAP IBP courses in Europe. During this course, we also share our implementation experiences on SAP SCM Solutions as well as our Supply Chain process knowledge.

  • Audit

    We also provide “Audit” to customers who already run SAP IBP, in order to detect potential for improvement.  Our added value relies on our expertise not only of the processes but also of the planning solutions. We also help companies to better understand the SAP technology change and design a roadmap taking into account SAP APO, ECC, S/4HANA …

  • Support

    DOWAP TeamWork is committed to building a long-term relationship with our customers. To ensure a full solution, we propose a support to your SAP IBP solution. We offer a customizable service, close to specific business requirements. Our team of experts is able to handle all your issues and to ensure a continuous availability.

  • Step In For SAP IBP ! Off the shelf solution regarding your industry !

    DOWAP has taken its experiences, specific solutions, best practices and scaled them down into a complete package with amazingly short implementation times. With our SAP IBP preconfigured Solutions, you know exactly what you are getting and when you are getting it.

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