IBP Response & Supply

SAP IBP Response & Supply

SAP IBP Response & Supply allows quick adaptation to changes in demand, considering the full supply chain model. It helps simulating plans for production, for distribution, and for procurement, to meet customer needs. Both infinite and finite capacity mode are available, like advanced planning system. With What-If analysis, Integrated Business Planning for Response and Supply provides visibility versus potential scenarios.

 As APO SNP the data repository is organized according to supply dimensions (product, location, resource, sourcing…) and key figures reflecting quantities and values. This module also allows you planning using an Optimization engine that considers many constraints and cost.

SAP IBP Supply and IBP Response allow generation of mid-term and short-term supply plan based on prioritized and categorized demand.


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    • Higher on-time delivery performance. From “best run” supply chains when compared to peers

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    • Lower order fulfillment lead time in companies where concurrent material and capacity constraint plans are generated

  • The added value of IBP Supply is to utilize optimization algorithm, with capacity and material constraints, to develop a tactical supply plan but also the ability to run multiple simulations and comparisons, as part of an extension of the sales and operations process.

    • Multi Level Planning

      Ability to model cross locations and multi level Bill of Materials to cover the entire supply chain

    • Rough Cut Planning

      Time-series based  rough cut capacity plan, can consider capacity and material constraints simultaneously

    • Embedded analytics

      Create visualizations of any key figure or KPI in the IBP for supply model

    • Supply Planning

      Utilize a heuristic based or optimization technique to determine supply plan

    • Exception Management

      Planners can identify and address problem materials and resources, then determine best course of action for resolution of the situation