SAP IBP Inventory

SAP IBP Inventory: The Right Inventory Target!


A company has to take into consideration many factors and things do not always go quite as planned! Why?

Because the demand side is not 100% predictable and suppliers are rarely reliable. Based upon these facts inventory targets must also consider variability and uncertainties in Supply and SAP IBP Inventory help organization to manage uncertainty and drive S&OP decisions to reality.

  • – Efficiently position inventory to best respond to forecast error, demand variability and supply uncertainty

    – Multi-echelon inventory optimization to solve the science of postponement

    – Drive S&OP decisions to inventory target recommendations for Planners (item-location-timeframe specific)

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IBP Inventory is a decision taking tool, to optimize safety stocks across the entire distribution network, based on customer demand and replenishment parameters like forecast error,  lead times, variability, replenishment frequency, lot sizes and target service level.

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  • SAP IBP Inventory use “real-time” SAP ERP data and familiar Excel-based UI to allow:

    – IBP data model analytic,
    – what-if” scenarios to determine root cause, and explore alternatives,
    – Drive consistent processes and information across the enterprise,
    – Planner productivity improves, data becomes information, decisions improve.





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