SAP IBP S&OP: Align Demand, Supply whereas optimizing profit and service level

  • Based on the strategic and business plans, S&OP is a set of decision making processes through which the management team will be able to handle his business to achieve the company’s objectives. To set up the S&OP process, information coming from different areas such as Finance, Sales, Supply and Production are requested.

    SAP IBP S&OP, the best technical answer to this business process!

  • Unified Data Model/Real-time Planning


    Planning and real-time analysis with a unified model of demand, supply chain, and financial data at any level of granularity and dimension

  • Simulations and Scenarios – Instantly


    Rapid, interactive simulation and scenario analysis, using the full S&OP data model to support demand-supply balancing decisions

  • Rich, Contextual/Social Collaboration


    Embedded, context-aware social collaboration enables rapid planning and decision-making across the organization


 Solution ArchitectureArchitecture SAP IBP S&OP

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