SAP IBP Supply Chain Control Tower

Supply Chain Control Tower

SAP Supply Chain Control Tower provides end to end supply chain visibility, to big data analytics and trend reversal, so the companies can uncover exception easily and respond faster at the level of granularity they need. Supply Chain Control Tower Enable companies to segment, analyse, and simulate the supply chain in real time. The Segmentation of the supply chain allows to gather parts, regarding the business requirements for easier viewing and understanding. Supply Chain Control Tower is the business work bench and centralizes all data flow. This user home page includes for example:

  • KPI dashboard
  • Predictive analytics
  • Alerts Monitor
  • Simulation & recommendations
  • Collaboration between User ( via chat)

  •  SAP Supply Chain Control Tower benefits:

    • Increase end-to-end visibility
    • Increase on-time delivery performance to customer
    • Decrease overall inventory levels while reducing risk
    • Increase supply chain agility and reduce supply chain cost
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Solution Overview

  • Fiori Lunch Pad

  • Inventory view

  • Globale view

  • Service level view







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