S&OP: Sales and Operations Planning


Based on the strategic and business plans, S&OP is a set of decision making processes through which the management team will be able to handle his business to achieve the company’s objectives. In fact, one of the purposes of the S&OP meeting is to set up a production plan which will balance as much as possible demand and supply. To set up the S&OP process, information coming from different areas such as Finance, Sales, Supply and Production are requested.

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The S&OP plan is performed monthly. During this meeting, the demand (customer demand, sales demand) is compared with the resources of the company such as production, warehousing, scarce materials or components. This exercise can be done at any aggregation level, like product families or considering constraints like production lines, plants, technology…, at any time (on-line or off-line) to support many simulation analysis.

Our S&OP solution enables to run this exercise, by playing with data coming from these different dimensions in real time without having to reconcile any source data. It will help to make different “what if” scenarios and to get at the end, the most suitable one to be shared during the S&OP review meeting.

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    S&OP Steps

    In order to simplify the overall process, the solution is organized around 5 clear steps, from data gathering to publication of S&OP results. Each steps respects the advised S&OP concept from Thomas F Wallace.

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    The components of our solution

    DOWAP S&OP solution is made up with 2 main components: XSBS and SAP-APO…

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