Missions and Values

DOWAP’mission consists in providing consulting about the planning processes AND unique, talented and quality-based services and solutions around SCM applications and their related software.


  • Client-Centered

    Our approach is orientated on customers’ requirements and we provide with “real and applicable” solutions and services to their environment.  Our team works hard at understanding customers’ needs with a view to satisfy them.

  • Quality

    The company takes great pride in providing a high quality work. Our Consultants propose robust and efficient solutions with pragmatic designs, based on solid experience. At the same time, our team of Developers creates applications which have a high focus on performance and reliability.

  • Exceed

    The individuals composing DOWAP strive to exceed themselves. They are continuously learning and increasing their skills not only for themselves but also for DOWAP as a whole, thanks to internal and external development and training programs. DOWAP aim at delivering excellence. They are reliable in what they do and they are honest in the advice and consulting they provide.

  • Creativity

    We look for best answers and ways to apply the solutions, by questioning ourselves constantly and by sharing ideas within the team. Our organization offers us this opportunity. We explore new solutions, always seeking for appropriate answers for our customers.