Step In For SAP IBP – DOWAP Package

Step In For SAP IBP Go live on-time, on-budget !

  • DOWAP offers high quality preconfigured SAP IBP solutions, which cover business requirements and enhance the SAP standard IBP. Our wide experience of 19 years in Supply Chain Management leads us to make SAP IBP user-friendly to everyone, by creating ad-hoc solutions, dedicated to organizations aiming to implement quickly on SAP IBP. Our preconfigured SAP IBP solutions Step In cover End to End Supply Chain planning processes :

    • DP: Demand Planning and forecast
    • S&OP / FIN: Sales & Operation Planning
    • DRP / Deployment: Distribution Requirement Planning
    • MPS / RCCP: Master Production Scheduling
    • INVENTORY: Safety stock Optimization

Step In For SAP IBP benefits :


    revenue growth.



    outbound expediting.

    days of inventory.



    shorter lead times.

Discover Step In For SAP IBP  :

Step In S&OP for SAP IBP
  • Step In S&OP For SAP IBP harmonizes your strategic & operational planning, breaks down organizational silos and facilitates strategic decision-making among the key players in your supply chain.

    Solution Overview :

  • Solution Features :

    • Monthly forecasts of opportunities and threats
    • Consensus decision-making among the supply chain stakeholder (Demand, Supply, Finance)
    • Simulation of your decisions’ impacts on your capability resources
    • Real-time vision of the financial impacts of the different scenarios
    • Flexible and fully integrated reporting tool
Step In Demand for SAP IBP
  • Step In Demand For SAP IBP enables to increase the responsiveness of your supply chain against the rapid changing market conditions and to generate information that is relevant for your organization.

    Solution Overview :

  • Solution Features :

    • Improved forecast accuracy through enhanced collaboration
    • Powerful algorithms and advanced learning machine features
    • Product lifecycle management optimization
    • Create, compare and share scenarios for a better analysis
    • Intuitive promotion management
    • Integration of your market specific data (weather, raw material price,…)
Step In Supply for SAP IBP
  • Step In Supply For SAP IBP pilots your production and distribution planning by focusing on the key elements of your Supply Chain.

    Solution Overview :

  • Solution Features :

    • Prioritize and plan the different demand flows
    • Optimize your critical resources planning
    • Develop an infinite and/or finite capacity production plan
    • Adapt your stocks management according to your business objectives.

Step In For SAP IBP for industries !

Based on our customer implementation experiences, DOWAP acquired a strong recognition as a key player in SAP SCM solutions. Each industry having different requirements and constraints, DOWAP developed SAP IBP package by adding industry-specific functionality.

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  • Combine fast-track SAP IBP deployment and high customization

    Based on our Supply Chain and Excel expertise, DOWAP has developed solutions to enrich the SAP IBP standard.

    • IBP Advanced Template: Allows users to add functionality specific to their business needs.
    • Methodology Step In For SAP IBP​ : A simple and pragmatic methodology that enables rapid deployment of SAP IBP.

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