• DOWAP success relies on the talent, the motivation and the professionalism of their employees.

  • Our consultants are able to analyze business processes and ensure the development of functional and technical solutions. They are all CPIM from APICS certified, which accounts for a business approach at DOWAP’s.

  • They easily lead workshops of any types (from planning processes to planning IS solutions). They are then responsible for the successful delivery of the Supply Planning Solutions.



    • Supply Chain Consulting

      DOWAP is a Supply Chain management firm, specialized in the planning area. We come into play when the quality of the relationship between the business needs and the information systems are crucial to reach the company’s goals.

    • SAP IBP (Integrated Business Planning)

      DOWAP developed IBP skills to help companies determine the best roadmaps to implement IBP. We  ensure you functionally and technically the success of your project.

    • SAP SCM – APO DP (Demand Planning)

      Our DP Consultants have carried many full cycle implementations of APO DP module and possess strong analytical and statistical forecasting skills. In addition, and by the very nature of APO DP, they have developed extensive competence around BW and its integration with APO Demand Planning module.

    • SAP SCM – APO SNP (Supply Network Planning)

      Our SNP expertise, built on end-to-end implementations experience, enables us to act as subject matter experts on topics such as rough-cut-capacity planning, safety stock planning and planning engines (Heuristics, CTM, Optimizer).

    • SAP SCM – APO PP/DS (Production Planning & Detailed Scheduling)

      We are involved in many MPS and DPS projects. Our skills on the subject cover the main functionalities such as planning engines (heuristics & optimizer) as well as ad-hoc customizations for finite capacity planning and characteristics dependent planning.

    • SAP S/4 HANA PP/DS

      based on our experience in SAP APO PP/DS, DOWAP supports you to implement SAP S/4 HANA PP/DS.


      Because DOWAP is aware of new Supply Chain concepts, our consultants are Demand Driven MRP certified. Combined with our SAP expertise, we supports implemention of SAP DDMRP using SAP IBP or S/4 HANA.

    • SAP SCM – CIF (Integration)

      Most of the APO implementation projects in which we have been involved, are integrated with ECC. Therefore, our skills in CIF integration and its customization are well developed and always challenged.

    • SAP ECC: focus on supply chain related functions

      As for our CIF skills, the APO projects we work on bring us in close contact with ECC, and especially with PP, MM and SD functional modules. As a result, we have a good knowledge of those domains which, in turn, enable us to better integrate and complement APO with those functions.

    • SAP SCM – ABAP

      As we understand that every supply chain has its own characteristics and that out of the box systems rarely meet all requirements, we tailor our solutions accordingly. We deliver many ad-hoc solutions for our customers using ABAP programming to develop, for example, custom heuristics, deployment engines and CIF user exits.

    • SAP HANA

      DOWAP supports you to implement SAP HANA.  Our  business expertise will ensure you to optimize your HANA Data model and enhance your business process thank to SAP Fiory interfaces.

    • Development

      As SAP SCM cannot cover deeply all the functional business needs, we have Developers with .Netskills in charge of the development of applications and new technology to close the gap between SAP SCM and users requirements. Please refer to  Solutions page for detailed information.

    • Outsourcing

      DOWAP consultants can support you throughout your SAP SCM projects, providing a technical and functional expertise. Outsourcing brings to you team a flexible resource and additional skills in SAP APO and SAP ECC (MM/PP/SD).