“ S/4 HANA manufacturing for planning and scheduling ” the best solution for short-term planning

  • “ SAP S/4 HANA manufacturing for planning and scheduling ”, is the new name of S/4 HANA PPDS. This is the new alternative compared to APO PPDS. It helps companies to determine what, when and where to make or buy, considering equipment and production facilities.

    S/4 HANA PPDS aims to maximize production efficiency, in regards to lowest possible costs. It creates procurement and production propositions so as to cover product requirements, whereas optimizing your plan. S/4HANA  PPDS provide a finite capacity planning helping :

    • Reduce customer cycle time for ATO and MTO
    • Simplify planning cycle with an automatic single pass planning
    • Minimize shortages
    • Optimize capacity requirements by reducing setup time

 S/4 HANA PPDS versus SAP PP (Production Planning)

  • Constrained and Unconstrained production planning example

    In SAP Basic PP (Production Planning) the MRP (Materials Resources Planning) and CRP (capacity requirement planning) are running separately. With “SAP S/4 HANA manufacturing for planning and scheduling” the MRP and CRP are executable simultaneously, using your own capacity leveling rules. S/4 HANA PPDS provides flexibility and a better accuracy of the production planning results.



  • SAP S/4 HANA M/PS Features:

    • Advanced Planning & Scheduling Heuristics and Optimization Solvers
    • Industry Scheduling repository (RPM, MMP, Block Planning, Campaign Planning,
    • Shelf-Life, etc…)
    • Conti-IO, full pegging, propagation of schedule changes across all BOM levels
    • Time continuous (sub-daily) material flow
    • Detailed Scheduling w/ setup matrix, sequence constraints, Min/Max distances,
    • alternative modes, …
    • Simulation versions and transactional simulation
    • Web based Gantt Chart (Fiori enabled)

  • Monitor material coverage

  • S/4 HANA manufacturing for planning and scheduling

    Monitor capacity utilization

  • Optimal orders for shipment















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