SAP IBP customer example



    • Demand Planning : Running a bespoke application since 10 years, on SAP ECC based in ABAP specific
    • Supply Planning : Running on the base of ECC PP-PP MRP with complementary addon developed in ABAP specific
    • S&OP process in place


    Project scope 

    • 2 pilot countries
    • 24 rollout countries
    • + 100 plants
    • First Go live after 7 months project
    • Integration with ECC, Commercial application and legacy system

    Key Points

    • Demand planning Live
    • Sales & Operations Planning  in progress
    • Supply & Response planning in progress
    • Inventory planning in progress

Our approach and enablers

  • Planning process review
  • Best practices inclusion (Clustered forecast, Customer and sales forecast…)
  • Design IBP Solution from SAP RDS
  • High level support and reactiveness with Business teams
  • Solution validation via pilot, before rollout

Delivered results

  • Implementation of an end to end Supply Chain solution to cover, S&OP, Demand, Supply and Inventory planning
  • Solution provides high reporting capability, cross stream collaboration
  • Raw Material forecasting, Clustered forecasting, Shelf life management

Lessons learned

  • Easy adoption, flexible solution but served ratherto provide a structure to business processes