SAP Jam add the human element to the digital revolution

  • Today, with the digital transformation, we are all used to having access to a welter of information, available right at our fingertips. We are used to having any question answered as soon as we have search. Manipulate, analyses and modify this amount of data is become easy. Now the most important is share it, communicate and collaborate. With SAP jam sets the pace of how we work, how people come together working in sync!

SAP Jam in Supply Chain

In Supply Chain, the collaboration is a main point for a stable process and to help a company rise to its full potential. Indeed, Companies that collaborate effectively across the supply chain have experienced substantial reductions in inventories and costs, together with improvements in speed, service levels, and customer satisfaction. The perfect example is the S&OP process that requests much information coming from different areas such as Finance, Sales, Supply and Production.

Thanks to SAP Jam, SAP IBP is an advanced agile planning tool, with a high capability of reporting and cross stream collaboration. SAP Jam, like a social network, uses the concept of group and each group is linked with the specific step of a supply chain process.

With SAP IBP, run scenarios to support demand and supply balancing decisions. With SAP Jam, empower stakeholder to make more rapid confident decisions. The native integration between both solutions helps:

  • Track progress

    You can easily know if process stakeholder progresses on their tasks or if a task is completed. Remainder can be set up to support users in their daily work. Moreover, you can create and assign tasks.

    See action items

    Thanks to the chat, you can share an update and key assumptions with everyone in the group. Screenshot and video can be uploaded to illustrate the message.

    Share documents & knowledges

    In each group, documents can be shared. This feature is useful to provide same level of information to every user and create a common knowledge database. SAP Jam enables to create a dedicated blog, forum and wiki to a group.

    Set up meeting

    For a better collaboration, event and meeting can be set up with SAP Jam.

Furthermore, thanks to this perfect integration between SAP IBP and SAP Jam, at any step and anywhere where users is in SAP IBP, they can decide to share its modifications, but also its own XL template, dashboard & analytics, alerts, etc.

SAP Jam Mobile

Besides, with the SAP Jam mobile app for Android and Apple, you can stay on top of projects and activities within your group, department, or project team, anywhere and anytime.

Overview SAP Jam in SAP IBP

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