Preconfigured Solution

DOWAP: the 16 years of SAP – APO experience compiled in one unique ready-to-use solution!

  • DOWAP offers a high quality preconfigured SAP – APO solution which covers the business requirement of companies that want to implement an APS. This solution enables to set up the following management modules: planning, demand, production and distribution. Our wide experience of 16 years in the Supply Chain Management leads us to make APO user-friendly to everyone, by creating solutions, dedicated to the organizations that want to start on APO quickly and with a limited budget.

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DOWAP Preconfigured modules:

DOWAP Preconfigured methodology

Based on the experience of many implementations, we use a simple and pragmatic method that allows us to install each module quickly. This method consists of the following phases:


  • A project team is

    • One DOWAP consultant who helps and supports you throughout the project and provides leadership, training and any adjustments,
    • One project manager of your company,
    • One « key user » per module, who will be in charge of the testing  and of the knowledge transfer to your business teams after the go-live,
    • One technical manager of your IT department, unless you prefer our SAAS offer (hosting your solution in the CLOUD).
  • The success conditions

    Our preconfigured solutions can be implemented within 3 months. To succeed in this challenge, the prerequisites are:

    • The company masters the process linked to the module to be implemented,
    • The company must use SAP ECC or must have management data organized, structured and easily accessible,
    • The company is in a change management mindset,
    • The company dedicates a motivated project team supported by the Supply Chain / Logistics management.