• How to migrate from SAP APO to SAP IBP ?

    Since SAP IBP has been presented as the successor of SAP APO, in 2014, we commonly get the question from our APO customers : How to migrate from SAP APO to SAP IBP ? Official SAP answer is “There are no tools to migrate from SAP APO to SAP IBP”. This concern is way far […]

  • SAP IBP Support by Dowap

    [Infography] Dowap TeamWork offer a IBP support package. Our support ensures an optimal service level, considering constraints specific to a strategic solution such as SAP IBP. Learn more about our SAP IBP expertise :

  • DDMRP, IBP, two buzzing words for two genuine Supply Chain concerns !

    Although buzz is often over emphasizing things and concepts, Supply Chain has engaged two modal changes since 2012, about planning and operations  processes that are Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning (DDMRP) and Integrated Business Planning (IBP). The Demand Driven Institute best describes why classic MRP fails at helping business planning and how DDMRP set a […]

  • L’expert reconnu de SAP Supply Chain

    Un article à retrouver dans le magazine Informations Entreprise. L’entreprise fournit des services et des solutions flexibles et pragmatiques, répondant aux problématiques actuelles des clients dans le domaine de la Supply Chain. Réussir la synthèse entre l’excellence en Supply Chain tout en proposant des solutions efficaces, pragmatiques et user friendly pour optimiser cette chaîne logistique ? […]

  • Make your products available anywhere in your Supply Chain Network

    IB&O: Control replenishment orders and inventory positioning, …

  • SAP IBP, a new ERA! IBP vs APO

    This article I wish proposing the reader an instructive tour about SAP-IBP, whereas comparison to APO will be taken to better understand “Why IBP versus APO?”

  • S&OP in APO! A reality!

    S&OP for most of the Supply Chain stakeholders ranks to the top Supply Chain achievements, from the process perspective.